The Furrygoat Experience: Portable CE

Update: There’s a new, even better version out! Check out Portable CE 2.0A few weeks back, I posted some thoughts portable applications (basically repackaged software, such as Portable Firefox and Thunderbird that run directly from a USB keychain, CDRW, etc).One of the comments from James Kendrick really caught my eye though: a link to a Linux based USB Virtual Private Machine. Essentially it’s an entire Linux distro that provides most of the communication apps and fits on a USB keychain. You can plug it into any box, run it, and you have your entire «internet communications system» on a VM.This was a small mind-bomb for me. The possibilities here are really cool, but to be honest, I really wanted to do something similar with a Windows based embedded operating system. Since Windows CE has a freely downloadable device emulator, I figured this could be a starting point for something interesting. Windows CE has Internet Explorer, Inbox, Messenger, Remote Desktop, etc. so why not, right?Now, for the disclaimer: This is a work in progress after a small amount of experimenting. I make no guarantee’s it will work for you, won’t melt your machine or that it will solve world hunger, so cut me some slack.

The Furrygoat Experience: Portable CE

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