Hora y coordenadas hexadecimales | Microsiervos (Ordenadores)

Hora y coordenadas hexadecimales | Microsiervos (Ordenadores)

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Publicado el 12 febrero 2008 en Informática, Manipulación y Preservación de Datos TTP y etiquetado en . Guarda el enlace permanente. 1 comentario.

  1. Hi. I saw you wrote about my Flickr image “Hexadecimal Time and Geo Coordinates”. I just want to tell you, that the link has changed (because I had to upload the image again, to correct a spelling mistake). The link in your text is dead, the new one is:


    Greetings and thank you for the promotion : )

    Tilman Piesk alias Hexadecimal Time

    ps: GMT and FMT stand for Greenwich Mean Time and Florence Mean Time (not … Meridian Time).

    pps: Dont you feel like creating the hexadecimal time article in the spanish wikipedia?


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