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Online Riddles Round-up « Digital World





Dschingis Riddle


Wayfarers Riddle


Welcome to my riddle. This is my personal hompage to Notpron which, whilst it cannot compete with the original, is I hope of sufficient quality and interest to keep people amused. Although there is some use of wordplay I have tried to make it as fair as possible to people who don’t speak English too well by hiding plenty of eggs. Go find them! There are also hints for the first 8 levels…just click the Nog!

Clever Waste Of Time


CWoT is unique because we do not expect you to know how to play this type of game before you start. We enjoy teaching you the skills you will need in later, more difficult levels, so we start you out fairly easy and provide a lot of skilled help through our forum.

Although CWoT is considered an adult site because of the complex riddles, many kids play the game well and enjoy the challenge it presents. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to solve these riddles, but by the time you complete the trail you will be!

After the completion of each 100 level section of riddles, side games and quests become available. There is a lot to do on this site. There are even more side games and quests available to our forum members, but joining the forum is not a requirement to browse it for hints and help.



Looks interesting.



BADPRON is openly inspired by notpr0n. It does not pretend to be better or harder. In the idea, this is about riddles with solutions that are fun to find, yet not as hard as notpr0n can get. This isn’t meant to keep you sleepless for weeks over a single level (you know how it can get). This doesn’t make BADPRON an easy game, and people who are new to this are likely to be challenged.”

Web Riddler


This riddle is unique in a way that you have to sign up their forum and find your way to the following levels within there.



This is a collection of puzzles of historic (and not so historic) events of the 20th century. Each year will have it’s own teaser, soon. There is no particular order required to solve the problems.”

Python Challenge


Yet another truly unique online riddler. You don’t have to be hardcore programmer to solve the riddles.

Python Challenge is a game in which each level can be solved by a bit of (Python) programming. All levels can be solved by straight forward and very short scripts. Python Challenge welcomes programmers of all languages. You will be able to solve most riddles in any programming language, but some of them will require Python.”



A Notpron inspired online riddle. Looks good (good=difficult).

Neutral Riddle


I liked this one, too.

The Enigma Puzzle


The levels look interesting.

This web-based puzzle will test your powers of deduction, reasoning, logic, creativity, research, ability to see connections between apparently unrelated things, and your ability to think outside the box in general.

Philpepe’s Really Freakin Hard Puzzle


Only 50 levels (for now) but looks good.



This one looks unique. It doesn’t have any source code hints (as almost all others do).

Nicky’s Riddle


Looks decent.



Notpron is very similar to this game but I’ve tried to overcome most of the anoying things in notpron. First of all, this game has something like a “story”. It’s not just a lot of riddles one by one without any sense. Of course the story isn’t that outstanding, but it makes more fun if there is something that keeps all the riddles together. Soulmanager is more a kind of adventure with a lot of riddles in it.

Many people might say, this game is just another clone of notpron, but I guess if you take a deeper look into it you will see, that there are only little similarities. In both cases you have to find either a password or the name of the next page, but the riddles itself are in many cases completely different.

Not Pron Revolutions


Put simply, Not Pron Revolutions is a riddle. Better yet, Not Pron Revolutions is a continuation of the ‘Not Pron” style internet riddle. Solving these riddles gave me some ideas of my own, so I decided to continue the riddle.”



As far as I’ve come this is a text based online riddle.



Has some quite difficult levels.

Dracula’s Riddle





You need to find some sort of tactic to get the next level. I’ll tell you one thing, some levels you will go through like nothing because those particular levels may had something you did before in another riddle. All the rest of the levels…Don’t forget, this is the 3rd hardest riddle.

Ultimate Riddle


I haven’t checked it out throughly.

Voixbox Detective School


The name says it all.

ChessSoft Riddle


This one does look unique. But you need to register first.

God Tower


This one looks cool. Give it a try

uTu Riddle


Looks fantastic. You definitely owe a visit.

Blifaloo Riddle Challenge


Absolutely unique online riddle. Need I say more?

Amazing Web Race



Another really cool online riddle. The second race has started now. I urge you to visit.

This is the first race. This is the second race.

Picciu Game


Text based online riddle

Universal Riddle


Has some thoughtful levels

The Roomz


Absolutely crazy flash based online riddle.

The Puzzle Files


I love this one. Everything. The design, the friendly atmosphere. Unique style. What are you waiting for?



Online riddle with excellent unique levels



I liked this online riddle.



This online riddle also stands out in the crowd. Puzzles in the levels are in the form of various cryptos and similar things. If you like to solves cryptos then you can test yourself here.

Code Breaker


A short (20 levels) crypto-based online riddle similar to Cryptos.

Funny Farm


No single soul will be able to solve this puzzle all by himself“… Hmmm, sounds challenging?

Totally Tricky


I liked this one. Some levels are really tricky.

Dio’s Trail


Doesn’t look too original. Text based riddles.

Dark Sun


An online riddle with “dark” themes.

Fear Country


A short (15 levels for now) but good online riddle.

My Ages


This one looks different. All levels are somehow linked.

On exploring the D’ni cavern and removing a pile of fallen rocks you find a linking BookUru D’ni adventure under the debris. It looks old. It is dangerous to use, anyway, you take the risk and link… You arrive safely but not without problems: something has happened with your Relto bookUru D’ni adventure. It doesn’t work, you have find out what to do before linking home. The ages are quite big and not without dead ends…



There are three types of puzzles on the BizFantast website, feel free to play any of them.

BizFantast Main Puzzle — The longest running and also most well-known puzzle of the site.The story takes place as you, as a programmer, came home from a late night of work only to find out that your computer has been hacked. As you continued to solve the mystery puzzles left behind by the hacker, you find yourself being involved in a big plot… BizFantast’s Main Puzzle has ended at level 79.

The Three Of A Kind Puzzle (3OAK) — 3OAK can be regarded as a prelude of the BizFantast Main Puzzle, it is specially designed for a team of 3 players. However, single players can take part in this puzzle with no problems at all (you just need to assume the role of 3 persons). 3OAK describes how the three main character: Hyde, Cobe, and Jane met and how did they end up falling in love with puzzles and riddles. It has ended at 8 levels (for each of the 3 characters, so that sums up to 24 levels) of formal puzzles and 5 levels of members-created-puzzles (yes, our players actually are very good riddles as well, so watch out.

BizFantast Treasure Hunt (TH) — TH is the latest puzzle to be added to the BizFantast family, as compared to its two predecessors, TH appears to be more open-ended — Storylines are kept at minimal and players can freely explore the island for puzzles and hidden sites. Hidden sites can be reached based on clues and traces left behind by the island’s discoverer, none other than the legendary trio of Hyde, Cobe and Jane. This puzzle has yet to end, it currently has about 25 puzzles, with more than half being hidden.

I like BizFantast.

Cambrian Code


Another good one.

Smiling Mona


This one is excellent. Beware, even going through the first few levels is difficult.



This one is really good.

Will you be able to rescue the old professor from his secret underground laboratory? Will you be able to find the stolen jewels that have been hidden somewhere inside the old Murdock Mansion? Will you be able to escape from the castle of the evil Baron Von Laden? If so, then you might even be able to complete at least the first seven episodes of Cybertrek and discover the true identity of the mysterious “Woman in Black!” (The first person to do so was David Barnett of Ann Arbor, MI. And he won: $500 in Cash!)

Don’t forget to check out the other riddles (from the very same source) provided through the bottom of the page.



This one is in English and German at the same time. Graphics are sweet and there’s a story going along with the puzzles.

P4X Riddle


A good online riddle with many levels (about 130 and probably still expanding).

Hacker Puzzle


Not difficult but decent. Ideal if you don’t have much time and quickly solve a few levels.

Riddles Of Riddles


Another good one. 100 levels with logical answers.



This is different. There’s no source code reading and all that stuff. Just point and click.

The Book Looriva


Like Odyssee, this is also point and click type with really really good graphics.

Logolept’s Riddle


This one does look difficult. Couldn’t pass more than a few levels.

Mage’s Note


Magic can only be achieved by daring your mind to exceed common knowledge. Therefore, only those who manage to survive my little test will be awarded as my apprentice. This task is made by riddles you must solve by typing the answer in the space provided. Pay attention to the title of the page and to the door. Use your reasoning and any tools you might think useful. May intelligence be with you…”

BE Creative Puzzle


This is not a “one-level-one-picture” game (some level doesn’t have any picture and some has more than one), and never needs any username/password to reach the next level. All you need is to find out the URL for next level (same as usual). CREATIVE is the keyword of this game. You must be more and more creative to go deep inside this game.

The Conspiracy Game


Your old friend Professor Adam Whitehead says he needs to see you. Urgently. There’s just one problem: when you get to his house, he has vanished. All you can find is an old puzzle box and some cryptic manuscripts.The challenge is clear. Can you reveal the sinister trail that leads to the professor? You’ll have to solve riddles and open the puzzle box to find him and crack the conspiracy. At your disposal is Windows Live Search, which will prove invaluable as you probe more deeply into the mystery.You’ll need to be smart. You’ll need to be cunning. Have you got the wits to penetrate to the heart of Conspiracy?”You need to register first.

Emily Riddle 4


Looks quite interesting.



Looks like another Notpron clone with quite difficult levels.

Kn1fe Riddlez


This one is really cool.

The First Door


I’m ashamed to report that I just couldn’t pass the first level. Don’t forget to visit “The Second Door” (from the above link), too.

Catch 22


This is another difficult one.

Notpron Reloaded


Not too many levels.



Not much info about the side, just the puzzles.

Orio’s Riddle


Doesn’t look too original.

Volvo The Hunt


Inspired from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Volvo has made an online puzzle with the big prize being Volvo XC90. The contest has ended but you can still play it and see if you could finish it in time!



You walk into a room and see a picture of a dog sitting by a tree with a plane flying overhead. You wonder, “What does this mean?”. Then it dawns on you, and you have yet another clue.

This is Challus, and the winner could take home $1,000,000 Dollars.

Challus is an internet adventure game which will take all of your knowledge, problem-solving ability and worldly experience to conquer. It is a twisting maze of puzzles, clues and spiraling paradigms that will leave you guessing every step of the way. Your goal is to solve the mystery set before you by means of finding clues and using them to discover the hidden literary phrase. By doing so, you could win $1,000,000 (US).

Somewhere in the world is a book, and in this book is a phrase written in one language that translates to another. You will search throughout the internet and gather information that will help lead you to your answer; but beware! Some pieces of information are false and are designed only to misguide you. If you pay close attention, you will be able to figure out which are real and which should be ignored.

It’s clear that the people who made the Challus Riddled spend lots of time and on the levels and the story. A must-check-out. By the way, the $1,000,000 award is for US citizens only. Oh well, if I solve it I’ll apply for green card.


This one looks good. Beware, first you need to crack the first puzzle to login


This one is one of my favorite. Includes a challenge on programming also.

The Cipher Challenge

This one is completely about deciphering.

Well, you are probably wondering whether this list will ever finish, hope it will. Anyhow, there are some really difficult challenge type riddles. To solve those challenges you should be good at various programming languages (especially Java), a good knowledge of Assembly, exploiting, reverse engineering, security hacking, network hacking, in short you should be a at least so so hacker. So, you want to test your skills, here are a few of my selections:




That’s all folks. Wow, I’ve been writing this post for the last 12 hours. Having finished about 30 cups of coffee I should be wide awake but I’m still going to bed. C ya!

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