Understanding Computers and the Internet | Harvard Video Course

Understanding Computers and the InternetDavid J. MalanHarvard

Understanding Computers and the Internet | Harvard Video Course


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    Lecture 1 – Hardware

    Computation. Overview. Bits and bytes. ASCII. Processors. Motherboards: buses, connectors, ports, slots, and sockets. Memory: ROM, RAM, and cache.

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    Lecture 2 – Hardware, Continued

    Secondary storage: floppy disks, hard disks (PATA and SATA), CDs, and DVDs. Virtual Memory. Expansion buses and cards: AGP, ISA, PCI, PCI Express, and SCSI. I/O devices. Peripherals. How to shop for a computer. History.

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    Lecture 3 – The Internet

    Networks: clients and servers, peer-to-peer, LANs and WLANs, the Internet, and domains. Email: addresses; IMAP, POP and SMTP; netiquette; spam; emoticons; snail mail; and listservs. SSH. The World Wide Web: URLs and HTTP. Blogs. Instant messaging. SFTP. Usenet.

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    Lecture 4 – The Internet, Continued

    Network topologies. The Internet: backbones, TCP/IP, DHCP, and DNS. NAT. Ethernet: NICs, cabling, switches, routers, and access points. Wireless: IR, RF, Bluetooth, and WiFi. ISPs. Modems: dialup, cable, and DSL.

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    Lecture 5 – Jeopardy!

    Students versus teaching fellows!

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    Lecture 6 – Exam 1 Review Session

    Review hardware, software, and the Internet!

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    Lecture 7 – Multimedia

    Graphics: file formats, bitmaps and vectors, and compression. Audio: file formats and compression. Video (and audio): file formats and compression. Streaming.

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    Lecture 8 – Security

    Threats to privacy: cookies, forms, logs, and data recovery. Security risks: packet sniffing, passwords, phishing, hacking, viruses and worms, spyware, and zombies. Piracy: WaReZ and cracking.

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    Lecture 9 – Security, Continued

    Defenses: scrubbing, firewalls, proxy servers, VPNs, cryptography, virus scanners, product registration and activation.

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    Lecture 10 – Website Development

    Webservers: structure, permissions, and implementations. Static webpages: XHTML, well-formedness, and validity. Dynamic webpages: SSIs, DHTML, AJAX, CGI, ASPs, and JSPs.

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    Lecture 11 – Programming

    Pseudocode. Constructs: instructions, variables, conditions, branches, and loops. Languages: interpreted and compiled. Scratch.

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    Lecture 12 – Pictionary!

    Students versus teaching fellows!

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    Lecture 13 – Exciting Conclusions

    Where were you? Where are you? Where can you go?

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    Lecture 14 – Exam 2 Review Session

    Review multimedia, security, website development, and programming!

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