BartPE Plugin repository Index

BartPE Plugin repository Index
BartPE Plugin Repository

BartPE (built with PEBuilder) supports plugins. These plugins may be built for a number of different purposes such as adding your own network card drivers or adding your own 32 bit application. There are a great many plugins already built for BartPE. The purpose of this plugin repository is to act as an index to most, if not all of the plugins that have been created for BartPE, so that it is easier for end-users to find the plugin they need quickly and easily. Please note that only BartPE v3.x supports all these plugins. If you use an older version I suggest you upgrade.

BartPE Plugin repository is currently categorized under 12 titles. This may change in the future. The best way to find your favourite plugin is however by way of a search through the entire list using your own keywords..The categorization is simply for the purpose of convenience. The current categories are:

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